Oslo Medtech

Oslo Medtech is a cluster of approx. 180 institutions comprising of companies, hospitals, investment firms, as well as knowledge and research institutions

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Oslo Medtech works to facilitate close cooperation between the cluster participants, generating cooperation between medical technical industry and health care, initiating innovation processes, and contributing to the development of products and services in medical technology.


The cluster’s goal is that these activities will contribute to a more efficient health care system and be able to deal with future major health challenges, while continually developing the medical-technical industry.


Oslo Medtech also include some of Norway’s most important research institutes and universities, various industrial development agencies, companies specializing in QA and standardization issues, as well as players from the venture capital and finance sector. Norway, together with the rest of the world, faces major health challenges related to the handling of an increasing aging population, large population diseases and dramatic cost increases in health care.


They are joined by Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital with their substantial medical research activity and facilities. Combined they provide healthcare services to over a million patients each year, and employ health- and medical personnel counting more than 25.000 people.