Mer fra IFAT: her er Titech sorteringsteknologi som ROAF har i sitt anlegg, demonstrert på IFAT. Får også bekreftet at ROAF sitt anlegg er unikt, første helautomatiske anlegg 'in the world'.

Posted by Oreec on 6. mai 2014

OREEC is a network of companies, research institutes, educational institutions and local authorities within cleantech in the greater Oslo region, Norway.

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OREEC was launched in 2006/2007 as a project in Lillestrøm Centre of Expertise. The initiative on establishing OREEC came from renewable energy industry, research institutions and public actors in the Oslo region. The cluster has developed to be an organization contributing in networking, innovation and business development among its partners. Through its activities the partners of OREEC and the Oslo-region are receiving national and international recognition for their competence, technology development and implementation of new solutions on cleantech.

OREEC's mission is to stimulate innovation and business development through increased cooperation between members and an array of cluster development activities.

OREEC’s objectives is to: 

  • Increase the pace of innovation
  • Exploit business opportunities
  • Increase value creation among the cluster’s partners.

OREEC invites different organizations to be partners and participate in projects. The projects have activities within the following programs:

  • Matchmaking, conferences and seminars
  • Innovation and business development
  • Research and development
  • Education and Competence development
  • International collaboration