Managing multinational clinical trials and projects

Managing multinational clinical trials and projects

International research with Scandinavian standards.

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Effective execution is the essence of any clinical trial. Time-to-market needs to be as short as possible – though without ever sacrificing safety or quality. To succeed you have to make people and plans work together, combining the best in individual resourcefulness and structured teamwork

LINK Medical Research has successfully offered this combination to our local and international clients for the almost two decades. Key to this achievement is LINKplan™, a work tool developed for managing multinational clinical trials and projects within our areas of services. LINKplan™ is at the heart of LINK Medical’s successful implementation of projects.

National as well as international projects

Our clients are primarily pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. We are a preferred partner for the pharmaceutical industry in Scandinavia and a safe gateway into the Nordic and Baltic regions.
From our headquarters in Oslo, more than 50 experienced and dedicated professionals deliver expertise in clinical development, including data management and statistics, regulatory affairs and related services such as health economics, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and quality control.
Through our offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen, we work independently in these markets or as part of cross-border clinical trials or other projects based on local resources and our central capacities in Norway. In the remaining parts of the Nordic and Baltic region we operate through close and well established partnerships in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Iceland.
Our platform and strong presence throughout the Nordic region makes us an ideal business partner for national as well as international projects. We also serve as a local and/or regional subcontractor for other international vendors.  Our experience is highly valued, especially on projects requiring a partner with local insight with an extensive network and relevant resources.